Performance Tracker

The Best Journal For Improving Your Mindset Before Each Competition!

Looking to gain a competitive edge?

A good horse trainer teaches a horse how to think and work under pressure, it’s time we start doing the same for ourselves as riders.

This is a mental prep Journal, designed to be used pre and post-race to calm your nerves, clear your mind, and boost your confidence.

-Plan your year

-Knock out your major goals

-Stay focused on what you need to do to ride the elite-caliber horses.

Self-mastery is developed by recognizing mental blocks, releasing mental trauma, and visualizing what you need to make happen for your performance run. This journal is for beginner barrel racing competitors all the way to seasoned champions. Sports psychology techniques with a horsemanship approach.

Inside you will find

  • “War Map” 12 Un-dated Monthly Calendar sheets for planning your races and goals
  • Champions Creed
  • How to Use
  • Goal Sheet
  • 98 Race Day Sheets with Drills & Quotes to help with training your mindset
  • Reflections Page

Used For

  • Releasing Mental Blocks
  • Calming Nerves before a race
  • Improve confidence
  • Switch your focus before each race
  • Get out of “Training Mode” into “Game Mode”
  • Develop Resiliency
  • Step into a higher level of athleticism
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Perform under pressure
  • Deal with nervous horses