A-game noun

Definition of A-game

one’s A-game

: one’s highest level of play or performance

If we don’t bring our A game with us, we don’t have a chance.

— Tom Kelly, quoted in New York Times, 14 Aug. 2001 

(A Game | Definition of A Game by Merriam-Webster (merriam-webster.com)  

Hey! I’m Dani,

I help Barrel Racers become elite competitors and overcome performance ruts by focusing on their roles as riders.

I’m one of those people who are fascinated with what it takes to become great. What separates exceptional from average and how do you tap into this power.

Little background on my story, I didn’t grow up on a ranch, my parents didn’t own horses and due to living in the city I had to make the most of the resources available to me. Which meant I learned the hard way. I read every book, watched every training video, went to any clinic I could afford, and then I would go practice what I learned on whatever horse I could get my hands on. Heck, I took hunter jumping lessons for 7 years! I’m telling ya, I was desperate to get on a horse!

Then, as fate would have it, I worked one summer for a Barrel Racer and was introduced to the fast lane!

Fast forward a many years, I competed on multiple horses I started or seasoned. Placed top 5 in THSRA, top 20 in CPRA TX Circuit, set arena records, won open pro rodeos, helped people of all ages with horse issues, gave lessons and was invited to instruct at Barrel Racing clinics across Texas & Oklahoma for over 12+ years! My passion and hunger for becoming the best never faltered. However, I did step away from sports and stopped treating myself as an athlete. My focus was solely on how to make my horse the best they could be, and then my injury before The American Qualifier slapped me straight across the face and cost me my race.

This made me realize we can no longer rely on our horses to be the only athlete in the team.

If you want to get to an elite level, you have to start considering yourself a major part of the team.

Meaning, you have to get your mind right, your riding right and you need to be able to keep up physically. Your horse is only as courageous as you are!  

After all of my years instructing and working with barrel pattern issues, you know what the main problem was?! It came down to basic riding techniques, mental blocks, personal issues, and or athletic capabilities.

I take a simplified approach that utilizes the horses natural abilities, making their job more enjoyable and easy.

 These tools and tips I bring to you in this blog not only will help you in the arena, they will help you become successful with any horse you step on as well as other areas of your life. These tools have helped me through my Military Career, starting businesses, and conquering any goals I have set forth in my life.  

I’m not a personal trainer and I’m not a psychiatrist but I can share with you what has helped me and many others. I will share tools that have helped my students & horses, advice from top trainers, and include you in my journey as I try to accomplish my personal rodeo goals, in hopes that it helps you tap into your full potential.