Hey! I’m Dani,

Welcome to A-Game Performace!

I’m an equine artist, lake-loving, Barrel Racer from the Texas Hill Country, who believes in not wasting time and getting straight to the point. So…the point of this blog.

This Blog Was Created: to encourage and guide the barrel racing industry into becoming better Horsemen, Riders, and Athletes. My mission is to help you tap into your A-Game so you can make an impact in and out of the arena. 

What does A-Game mean?…

Tapping into one’s highest level of play or performance. 


I don’t believe we were designed to play small with our lives.

If we’re going to put time and money into it, we’re going all the way! The contents of this blog discuss mindset, philosophy, horsemanship, and rider fundamentals related to high-performance athletes and barrel racing that will help you succeed in and outside of the arena.

But I want to be completely upfront and honest with you because we all know the internet has enough people trying to coach something they have no actual experience in or know anything about, and the last thing I want is to be thrown into that category.

Have I trained my own barrel horses? Yes. Do I have experience winning on multiple horses? Yes. Do I have experience coaching? Yes, and MANY of my students have gone on to become successful barrel racers. I’ve coached ages anywhere from 6 to 50, beginner to pro, and I have personally been coaching since I was 16 years old! Barrel Racing in Rodeos is my forte, but you know what?! I ended up getting completely out of barrel racing back in 2015. I thought I was done so I sold everything. Long story short, I’m giving it another go and I’m going to aim HIGH!!!!



Here is where you come in. I am still seeing how riders are missing out on success by overcomplicating everything! There is a reason why they’re called fundamentals. They are the backbone to your success!! However, everyone has seemed to skip over that part. Good news for you, my specialties are:

  • Horsemanship/rider fundamentals
  • Mental game
  • Competition prep & recovery 

I don’t believe in solving symptoms or quick fixes, I believe in eliminating problems and doing things right the first time.

The Truth: Because I’m starting from the ground up again with a young horse, I feel it’s best to lead by example. Follow this blog to learn how I take Oakley (My 2yr old) and get her ready for futurities her 3yr old year, and then we’re going to focus on rodeo. If you’re a self-taught barrel racer looking to step it up a level or someone who is starting their horse on the pattern, then you have come to the right place at the right time. Subscribe for weekly progress reports, tips, and interviews from other industry professionals.



How to use this blog: I’ve learned from many trainers over the years and found it’s best to use what feels natural to you, and then leave the rest. Don’t stress over it. There are many ways to approach the pattern and your goal is to find a way that you understand and can communicate clearly to your horse in order to help the team become successful. If my advice helps you, Amazing, if it doesn’t, thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for joining me on my journey, let’s rattle the stars!  



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