Hey! I’m Dani,

I help Barrel Racers discover their A-Game in order to reach an elite level in the arena by focusing on their roles as riders.

What separates exceptional from average and how do you tap into this power? I obsess over this at night so you don’t have to. I love learning what separates the average athletes from the elite athletes in any sport. So, If you’re the type who falls asleep, dreaming of the perfect run, but you feel like you can’t quite tap into your full potential? Maybe you’re stuck in a competitive block? Then this blog is for you, and I’m so excited we crossed paths!

I believe your horse is only as courageous as you are, but you may be holding your horse back way more than you think. You have so much freaking talent I can’t wait for you to discover what you really can do! I’m here to help you discover that next level. Ready to stop wasting money at the races and see some real results in your program?


NOUN: One’s highest level of play or performance.
If we don’t bring our A game with us, we don’t have a chance.

Street Credibility:

I didn’t grow up on a ranch, I worked my butt off from the ground up in order to build a program and because of that, along with my athletic background, I had a very successful career early on!

I started and finished multiple horses, won numerous Open-Pro Rodeo’s & year-end series, helped instruct clinics, and even had my students go on to earn their pro cards. My passion and hunger for the sport never faltered. However, I did step away from playing sports and stopped treating myself as an athlete. My focus was solely on how to make my horse the best it could be, and then my injury before an American Qualifier slapped me straight across the face and cost me my race.


This made me realize we can no longer rely on our horses to be the only athlete on the team.

If you want to get to an elite level, you have to start considering yourself a major part of the team.

Meaning, you have to get your mind right, your riding right and you need to be able to keep up physically. Your horse is only as courageous as you are!

I took a few years off from barrel racing to focus on becoming a better athlete myself. Now, I’m back in the arena with a whole new set of skills and rebuilding my program. Except, I’m still seeing riders have the same issues my students would come to me with years ago! Problems like: getting left behind in the turn, competition anxiety, or experiencing injury after injury…


With problems like these, I can no longer be silent about what I have learned as an athlete and thus A-Game Performance was started…

I’m not just preaching to you what I already know but I’m going to be in the arena with you. You can follow my journey on starting from the ground-up again, here! If I don’t know something I’ll bring in the professionals who I work with in order to give you the correct advice. I believe it takes a team and I do not claim to be a doctor or personal trainer but I will bring in people who are and I will tell you from my experience what works and what doesn’t in order to save you time.

Let me be very clear! This blog goes beyond horsemanship, this is all about you! The rider! 

You may see results in:

  • Improved race times with all your horses
  • Fearlessly take on the high-dollar races & rodeos
  • Stronger core, quicker reaction time
  • and more…

Want me to discuss something specific you don’t see on the site yet…leave a message in the “contact” page!


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