What's the difference between training and drilling?

-Training: Tools you use to help teach a skill, once learned you move on and rarely go back. You use different training techniques as they’re learning and progressing through phases. EX: Roll-backs

– Drills: Activities to help condition and teach a skill. EX: 2-Barrel Drill 

*These are tools to keep your horse sharp, not something to over drill and make their responsiveness dull. You can over drill and get your horse to either burn out or no longer want to listen to your ques. The key is the release and knowing when to end on a good note before they quit on you.

A good podcast to listen to is “The Money Barel” S2 Episode 3 with Latricia Mundorf. She brings up her routine and briefly talks about drilling/training. I have attached the podcast at the end of this blog.

My Top Drills To Use

  • 2 Barrel Drill (See video)
  • Box work (See video)
  • Counter Arcs (See video)
  • Lunging 
  • Long trotting 
  • 60/120’s: 60 seconds fast pace, 120 seconds slow pace. Example: 60s long trot, 120 s slow trotting or walking.  
  • Hill loping: Find a hill and lope large circles or trot up and walk down. 

Training Tools I Like To Use

  • Rollbacks (Can also be a drill used for conditioning)
  • Draw Reins for circle training and collection
  • Serpentines (snakes to help them go straight) 
  • Random objects in fields: Pick objects to circle them or to have something to guide you as you work on straight lines. 
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