At-home drill to improve balance, coordination, and reaction time in the Saddle. 


I always knew my love for surfing tied into my love for barrel racing. This is a drill I use at home to improve my skills on a surfboard however, it also helps tremendously with balance and reaction time in the saddle. 


Let me introduce to you, the Balance Board! 

What a Balance Board helps with: 


  • Improves Coordination
  • Improves Reaction Speed
  • Balance
  • Staying Centered in Saddle
  • Not overreacting when you’re thrown off balance
  • Core Strength  



Here is a quick intro video on how to use it for balance and core strength! 

I made mine personally and I’ll be doing another post on how to build your own at home. If you can’t wait to build one check out some decent ones here waiting to be shipped to your door!  

The Best Balance Board out there: The Revolution boards are designed to give you the best training balance out there, for any sport!

Check them out here: https://amzn.to/3senJ1a

Want to make your own custom board for only $35? Send a message on the contact page requesting how to make your own board and I’ll send you the details!

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